Manifest yml files

Every app (interactive and passenger) needs a manifest.yml file to describe it to the Open OnDemand platform.

name: My Cool Biology App
category: Interactive Apps
subcategory: Biology
role: batch_connect
description: |
  This is a multi-line description that will be shown throughout the
# metadata:
#   field_of_science: botany

The name of the app. This will be shown in menu bars and on icons.


The category of the app. This is used to group apps in navigation menus.


The subcategory of the app. This is used to group apps within the navigation menu lists.


The role of the app. Here batch_connect has special meaning to Open OnDemand and is required to indicate it’s a batch connect app. Otherwise it’s assumed to be a Passenger app.


The description of the app. This will be used for additional text when hovering over icons.

icon (Optional)

Apps default to look for an icon.png or icon.svg in their root directory, but this overrides that to specify the icon.

url (Optional)

The url of the application. By default this is generated dynamically but can be overridden.

metadata (Optional)

These are key value pairs you can add to apps for extra grouping capabilities.

new_window (Optional)

A boolean (true or false) flag to toggle if the app should open a new window when clicked.