The OnDemand host machine needs to be setup similarly to a login node. This means that it will need:

  • RedHat/CentOS 7+ or Ubuntu 20.04-22.04 or Debian 12 or Amazon Linux 2023

  • the resource manager (e.g., Torque, Slurm, or LSF) client binaries and libraries used by the batch servers installed

  • configuration on both OnDemand node and batch servers to be able to submit, status, and delete jobs from command line

  • signed SSL certificate with corresponding intermediate certificate for your advertised OnDemand host name (e.g.,

Adding Open OnDemand SELinux policies is optional for RHEL systems. Open OnDemand, by default, expects Apache to have SSL enabled by securing your Apache. Sites may reconfigure their deployment to allow for plain text traffic see FIXME-LINK-NEEDED.

Building From Source

Building from source is left as an exercise to the reader.

It’s not particularly difficult to build the code, but installing it with all the various files is. Should you be interested, review the Dockerfile and packaging specs for what would be involved.

If you’d like a package built for a system that we don’t currently support, feel free to open a ticket!