nginx_stage nginx

This command will start an NGINX process as the user as well as control this process.

sudo nginx_stage nginx [OPTIONS]

Required Options

-u <user>, --user <user>

The user of the per-user NGINX process.

General Options

-s <signal>, --signal <signal>

Send the given signal to the per-user NGINX process.

-N, --skip-nginx

Skip the execution of the per-user NGINX process.


Under a default installation, the possible signals are stop/quit/reopen/reload.


If no signal is specified, then it will attempt to start the user’s per-user NGINX process.


To stop Bob’s NGINX process:

sudo nginx_stage nginx --user 'bob' --signal 'stop'

This sends a stop signal to Bob’s per-user NGINX process.

If you run nginx_stage nginx --skip-nginx, it will only display the system command that would have been called.