This handler submits an HTTP request using the Google Analytics Measurement Protocol with data accumulated by the user page request. It only submits the data if the user is authenticated and mapped to a local user name.

It is recommended that this handler be included under the /pun location only. So an example Apache configuration file may look like:

<Location "/pun">

  LuaHookLog analytics.lua analytics_handler

This handler is called in the LuaHookLog phase of the request-response lifecycle. This occurs after the client has received the response so it does not affect page load time for the client.


Please contact us if you’d like to enable this feature and have access to it. This will require us to generate a new Property ID for your center that we can then share with you.


Configuration is handled by setting CGI environment variables within the Apache configuration file with the following format:

SetEnv ARG_FOR_LUA "value of argument"

The Google Analytics Measurement Protocol URL that this handler submits the data to. Recommended value is


The Tracking ID / Property ID assigned by Google Analytics that contains the appropriate custom dimensions and metrics.