This script parses the authenticated username using a regular expression pattern to capture the local system username. The default regular expression if none is provided is to just echo back the supplied authenticated username. If no local system username is captured by the regular expression, then a blank string is returned.

bin/ood_auth_map.regex [OPTIONS] <REMOTE_USER>

General Options

-r <regex>, --regex <regex>

Default: ^(.+)$

The regular expression used to capture the local system username.


To echo back the username supplied (useful for LDAP authentication):

$ bin/ood_auth_map.regex 'bob'

To capture the local username from a common Shibboleth supplied remote username:

$ bin/ood_auth_map.regex --regex '^(\w+)@center.edu$' 'bob@center.edu'

Recall that if no match is found from the supplied regular expression and authenticated username that an empty string is returned instead:

$ bin/ood_auth_map.regex --regex '^(\w+)@center.edu$' 'bob@mit.edu'