This script parses a mapfile with each entry given in the following format:

"authenticated_username" local_username

and separated by newlines. The script will systematically parse each line in the mapfile looking for a match to the authenticated_username. When a match is found it breaks from the scan and outputs the local_username to STDOUT.

bin/ood_auth_map.mapfile [OPTIONS] <REMOTE_USER>

General Options

-f <file>, --file <file>

Default: /etc/grid-security/grid-mapfile

File used to scan for matches.


To scan the default grid-mapfile using a URL-encoded authenticated username:

$ bin/ood_auth_map.mapfile 'http%3A%2F%2Fcilogon.org%2FserverA%2Fusers%2F58606%40cilogon.org'

To scan a custom mapfile using an authenticated username:

$ bin/ood_auth_map.mapfile --file '/path/to/mapfile' 'opaque_remote_username'

Recall that if no match is found within the mapfile for the supplied authenticated username that an empty string is returned instead:

$ bin/ood_auth_map.mapfile 'this_remote_username_does_not_exist'