2. Install Desktop App

Now we will install the provided bc_desktop app as well as configure it work at your center.

  1. We will build this app in our previous web applications setup directory (discussed in Install Applications):

    cd ~/ood/src/apps/
  2. By default this app is not built and installed with all the other required OOD apps. You will need to build this app explicitly with:

    scl enable rh-ruby22 nodejs010 git19 -- rake build:bc_desktop


    The Desktop App is an optional app and will not be built and installed when you call:

    scl enable rh-ruby22 nodejs010 git19 -- rake
    sudo scl enable rh-ruby22 -- rake install

    Instead you need to explicitly build and install it to prevent you from installing an app that is not properly configured for your users:

    scl enable rh-ruby22 nodejs010 git19 -- rake build:bc_desktop
    sudo scl enable rh-ruby22 -- rake install:bc_desktop
  3. We now must configure Desktop apps for each cluster you want this to run under in the following directory build/bc_desktop/local/

    # Make the `local/` directory if it doesn't already exist
    mkdir build/bc_desktop/local
    # Change our working directory to `local/`
    cd build/bc_desktop/local
  4. For each cluster we want to launch a Desktop session on we will need a corresponding form configuration file in YAML format (e.g., cluster1.yml, cluster2.yml, …) that looks like:

    # bc_desktop/local/cluster1.yml
    title: "Cluster1 Desktop"
    cluster: "cluster1"        # must correspond to a cluster config

    where the cluster attribute must match a valid cluster configuration file.


    Please do not modify any of the code underneath the bc_desktop/ path other than in bc_desktop/local/ as it may put the Git repo in a bad state.

    We recommend you version all the changes you make in the bc_desktop/local/ directory you use for the bc_desktop app so that you don’t lose any of your modifications.

  5. Install the Desktop App to its system location at /var/www/ood/apps/sys with:

    # Go back into the apps root directory
    cd ~/ood/src/apps/
    # Install the `bc_desktop` app to its system location
    sudo scl enable rh-ruby22 -- rake install:bc_desktop
  6. Navigate to your OnDemand site, in particular the Dashboard App, and you should see in the top dropdown menu “Interactive Apps” => “Cluster1 Desktop”.

    After choosing “Cluster1 Desktop” from the menu, you should be presented with a form to submit a Desktop session to the given cluster.

    Submit a Desktop session and wait for it to run. If you see a Desktop session start Running but then quickly disappear you can debug it by viewing the logs in:


    where uuid is a randomly generated id for a single Desktop session. You might want to find the latest one by looking at the timestamps.


    The form may fail to submit due to the defaults we chose for a given resource manager: Torque, Slurm, LSF, PBS Pro… Please continue to the next section to learn how to customize batch job submission.