3. Customize Desktop AppΒΆ

In some cases the defaults used to submit a batch job may not work on your given cluster or you may just want to remove some form options presented to the user and fill in hard-coded values. All of these cases and more can easily be customized in the following files:

Form configuration file that describes a given Desktop app along with form attributes presented to the user. Replace cluster_desktop with a representable name, in the previous section we used cluster1.yml and cluster2.yml to describe the desktops for the various clusters. For each form configuration file underneath bc_desktop/local/, a separate desktop app will be presented as an option to the user.
Describes how the batch job should be submitted to your cluster. Replace custom_submit with a descriptive name. Be sure that the name of this file is specified in the bc_desktop/local/cluster_desktop.yml form configuration file, so that when a user submits the form, the specified submission configuration is used when submitting the batch job.


The .erb file extension will cause the YAML configuration file to be processed using the eRuby (Embedded Ruby) templating system. This allows you to embed Ruby code into the YAML configuration file for flow control, variable substitution, and more.