8. Known Issues

If you get Java errors

MATLAB may throw Java errors when its window is resized, moved, or displayed on a secondary monitor. There does not appear to be an official MATLAB fix for this problem, but an interim solution mitigates the bug enough to let work continue. In order to solve the problem: create or edit a file named $MATLAB_ROOT/bin/glnxa64/java.opts and add a line: -Dsun.java2d.xrender=false. Alternatively the following may be added to the job script (~/ondemand/dev/bc_my_center_matlab/template/script.sh.erb) prior to MATLAB being started:

# Fix the Java errors relating to resizing the window
cat << JAVA_OPT > java.opts

Confirm that the option has been set by running the following command within MATLAB:



xrender is a performance optimization, disabling it may adversely impact the user experience.



Describing the problem:

Describing parts of the solution: