Apache httpd tips


While this page is helpful it is no replacement for Apache Httpd’s documentation. If you are an administrator responsible for Open OnDemand, you are now an administrator of Apache Httpd as well. As such, you should get comfortable with it as from time to time you will have to troubleshoot it.

Restart services

sudo systemctl try-restart httpd24-httpd

Show VirtualHosts

OpenOnDemand creates it’s own VirtualHost in Apache. Apache will route requests based off of the hostname in the request to different VirtualHosts and the ServerName you may have configured.

Showing virtualhosts can help debug Apache request routing. The output from these commands will show you how Apache is routing based off of the ServerName in the VirtualHost.

If you’re seeing the default Apache webpage you likely have to configure the ServerName which corresponds directly to Apache’s ServerName configuration (and restart Apache).

Or you’re using the wrong hostname in your browser.

sudo /opt/rh/httpd24/root/sbin/httpd -S

Performance Tuning

If you’re servicing many clients at time (more than 50) you will likely need to change the Apache Httpd’s MPM configuration. The default configuration may degrade service when Httpd has to serve many clients (I.e., when you have a lot of customers using Open OnDemand).

We suggest configurations similar to this.


The most important directives are MaxRequestWorkers, which controls the number of simultaneous requests and ServerLimit combined with ThreadsPerChild, which when multiplied must be at least as big as the value for MaxRequestWorkers.

It’s best to keep ServerLimit at or below the number of cores for the OnDemand web host.

The example configuration below can handle about 256 simultaneous requests. Use this as an example and increase or decrease MaxRequestWorkers accordingly (based on your resources, cpus & memory and how much traffic you anticipate) then recalculate ServerLimit, ThreadsPerChild and whatever else you may want to change.

# conf.modules.d will vary depending on the platform and version.
# $APACHE_HOME/conf.modules.d/mpm.conf

# MPM event is actually important for idle VNC connections alive. You may
# need delete occurences of mpm_prefork_module if you have that configured.
LoadModule mpm_event_module modules/mod_mpm_event.so

<IfModule mpm_event_module>

  # ServerLimit is MaxRequestWorkers / ThreadsPerChild
  ServerLimit            8
  StartServers           2
  MaxRequestWorkers      256
  MinSpareThreads        25
  MaxSpareThreads        75
  ThreadsPerChild        32
  MaxRequestsPerChild    0
  ThreadLimit            256
  ListenBacklog          255