mod_ood_proxy provides a number of handlers listed below that should be incorporated into the Apache configuration file through the LuaHookFixups hook. This hook is defined as the fix anything phase before the content handlers are run. This will ensure that any authentication modules are called before the mod_ood_proxy handlers are loaded.

A minimal Apache configuration file will look like:

# Lua configuration
LuaRoot "/opt/ood/mod_ood_proxy/lib"
#LogLevel lua_module:info

where LuaRoot should point to the installation location and LogLevel can be uncommented if you want a more verbose log.

Also, all configuration for this mod is done through CGI environment variables specified within your Apache configuration as:

# Argument set before LuaHookFixups phase and used by mod_ood_proxy handler
SetEnv ARG_FOR_LUA "value of argument"