4. Add Custom Theme

Custom themes are added to a realm by

  1. adding the theme directory to /opt/keycloak-3.1.0.Final/themes
  2. selecting the theme via Admin Web UI >> Realm Settings >> Themes

Each theme is selectable based on the directory name of the theme. Themes can extend other themes.

Here are two links to get started with a custom theme:

  1. Currently version v0.0.1 of OSC’s Keycloak theme can be used as a starting point for modification. This theme is based off of the default keycloak theme which itself is based off the base theme. Files to modify include:
  2. See the Keycloak documentation for themes: http://www.keycloak.org/docs/3.1/server_development/topics/themes.html

Remember after adding a theme you still need to configure your realm in the Keycloak admin UI to use the theme for the login pages.


Soon we will offer an ood-keycloak base theme that be easier to extended to provide most of the common themeing a site might like to perform. It will also work well for OTP views.