1. Software RequirementsΒΆ

The Jupyter app requires the following software to be installed on the compute nodes that that batch job is meant to run on, NOT the OnDemand node:

  • Jupyter Notebook 4.2.3+ (earlier versions are untested by may work for you)
  • OpenSSL 1.0.1+ (used to hash the Jupyter Notebook server password)

Optional (but recommended) software:

  • Anaconda 4.3.13+ and its Jupyter Notebook extensions that allow the users to define custom environment-based kernels from within the Jupyter notebook dashboard

  • Lmod 6.0.1+ or any other CLI tool used to load appropriate environments within the batch job before launching the Jupyter Notebook Server, e.g.,

    module purge
    module load python/3


Do NOT install the above software on the OnDemand node. The above software requirements are ONLY for the compute nodes you intend on launching the Jupyter Notebook Server on within batch jobs.