6. Install User Mapping ScriptΒΆ

You will need to map the Apache authenticated user to the local system user. This is done with the ood_auth_map tool.

  1. Clone and check out the latest tag:

    cd ~/ood/src
    scl enable git19 -- git clone https://github.com/OSC/ood_auth_map.git
    cd ood_auth_map/
    scl enable git19 -- git checkout v0.0.3
  2. Install it to its global location:

    sudo scl enable rh-ruby22 -- rake install
    # => mkdir -p /opt/ood/ood_auth_map/bin
    # => cp ...

The principle behind this script is that you call it with a URL encoded REMOTE_USER user name as the only argument, and it will return the mapping to the local system user name if it exists.