nginx_stage app

This command will generate a web application NGINX configuration file and subsequently restart the NGINX process as the user.

sudo nginx_stage app [OPTIONS]

Required Options

-u <user>, --user <user>

The user of the per-user NGINX process.

-r <sub_request>, --sub-request <sub_request>

The request URI path beneath the sub-URI path.

General Options

-i <sub_uri>, --sub-uri <sub_uri>

The sub-URI path in the request.

-N, --skip-nginx

Skip execution of the per-user NGINX process.


The sub-URI corresponds to any reverse proxy namespace that denotes the request should be proxied to the per-user NGINX server (e.g., /pun)


To generate an app config from the request:

and subsequently restart the per-user NGINX process:

sudo nginx_stage app --user 'bob' --sub-uri '/pun' --sub-request '/usr/jim/myapp/session/1'

To generate only the app config:

sudo nginx_stage app --user 'bob' --sub-uri '/pun' --sub-request '/sys/dashboard' --skip-nginx

This will return the path to the app config and will not restart the NGINX process.

Default Installation

Table 1 details the mapping between the requested URL path to the app root directory for in the NGINX app config under a default installation.

Table 1 Mapping of apps for a default installation
App type URL path File system path
dev /dev/app_name/* ~user/ondemand/dev/app_name
usr /usr/app_owner/app_name/* /var/ww/ood/apps/usr/app_owner/gateway/app_name
sys /sys/app_name/* /var/www/ood/apps/sys/app_name